Upravljanje Vašom flotom

Naš inovativni koncept usluge osigurava da je prava osoba uvijek na raspolaganju. Garantiramo da će standardi usluga i stručnosti koje pružamo biti najviše kvalitete čak i izvan Hrvatske.

Due to the number of interfaces, there are quite often losses due to inefficiencies if a fleet contains vehicles from a number of leasing providers. However, splits within the fleet are frequently unavoidable, especially when you switch providers but still use a number of vehicles from your previous lessor. This is where we step in. We manage your entire fleet and wind up the contracts on your old vehicles if you would like us to act as your new leasing provider.

Your benefits from 'External vehicle management' at a glance:

  • One face to the customer
  • Consolidation of leasing rates, with old and new vehicles itemised in one collective bill
  • Uniform reporting for old and new contracts

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