Za nas dugoroči najam je cjelovito rješenje, dizajnirano da stvara dodatnu vrijednost. Sa time na umu brinemo se za kompletnu adminsitraciju vezanu za vođenje flota. Transparentnost i indivdualno krojena rješenja su naš cilj a naša misija je konstanto unapređivanje Vaše flote. 

One Stop solution - full-service rental from Sixt

Sixt Long-term rental is a professional for all processes and tasks involved in renting, especially when it comes to the complex requirements of larger fleets.

You can place all operative functions relating to your fleet management safely in our hands, cutting back substantially on your own administrative workload, including for instance checking garage bills or keeping a record of individual fuel receipts.

Individuality instead of standard solutions

Sixt Long-term rental allows you to combine individual full-service modules in any way you choose to precisely meet your needs.

We place a lot of importance in individuality. Our customer service agents are always interested in finding tailored service solutions as early as the initial consultation at the start of our cooperation.

Invoicing full-service solutions

In general, full-service solutions are billed based on a flat rate or actual costs, whereby we clearly indicate which type of billing we use in each case.

You will receive just one entirely consolidated bill per month. The rental price you are ultimately asked to pay is made up of the financial rate and the full-service rate.

Za dodatne informacije o dostupnosti pojedinih usluga molimo Vas da nas kontaktirajte putem sljedećeg obrasca.

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