Driver license management

Sixt Leasing will conduct regular, legally-required checks at an international level to ensure that all of your drivers are in possession of a valid driving license and the relevant documentation. This helps you reduce the risk of missing service appointments or incorrect maintenance.

Naturally all vehicle owners must check whether drivers to whom they provide the vehicle are in possession of a valid driving license. In most cases the fleet manager is required to complete this statutory check for vehicles used in companies and must provide proof of regular checks to the relevant legislative body.

However, as this proves extremely difficult in companies with a significant number of branches and large fleets, Sixt Leasing will provide support with its high-profile cooperation partners to offer you an efficient solution.

Your benefits from the full-service 'Driving license management' module at a glance:

  • Monitoring of check intervals and automatic notification of the vehicle owner if the periods are exceeded
  • Reminders are sent to the driver of the vehicle by text message or e-mail
  • Automated processes save time and money
  • The online management system provides fleet managers with a permanent overview of missed or upcoming checks

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